Monday, 8 March 2010

It was a different illustrator, you understand...

So, one day I will actually post something I have drawn (I do still draw) but for now here are a load of rough's for my latest project, entitled "Posters" the brief I chose was to illustrate ENO's rendition of "Faust" which I looked at as an opportunity to try something new (hopefully with more success than the 3D project).
These are a series of rough's that came from a set of sketches done in paper... arty.

These two are my favorites, but I can't decide if ENO face is a good idea or no?

I tried Futura, but was less impressed, but having upset a couple of graphic designers with the Helvetica ones, i think I'm gonna stick with that, at least until I get told off by the tutours for using it.

I've been listening to a load of the Album Leaf recently, really nice to work to.
AND, check this out: sing sang sung


Arthur Hamer said...

Eno face is bitchin'. Keep that shit on lockdown.

Simon said...

No, not the ENO face! It is a great design.